When Ohio State offensive lineman Harry Miller was in middle school, he took a mission trip to Nicaragua with a church group from suburban Atlanta.

It left a lasting impression. Getting a glimpse of the country’s extreme poverty, he was inspired to return and provide further aid.

“As a kid in America, you don't really appreciate how good it is until you go someplace else and you see plastic houses made of scrap cardboard and wood and tin and plastic sheeting that are basically one room with dirt floors and maybe a bed, maybe not,” said his mother, Kristina, who accompanied him.

Over the past seven years, Miller has traveled nearly a dozen times to Nicaragua on similar trips. He brought along teammate Tommy Eichenberg as recently as last year, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

So as it became permissible this month for college athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness, Miller had an idea. He started an online pop-up store selling t-shirts, sweatshirts and baseball caps that feature a logo of his personal brand. The logo includes the letter “H” within a curved shield.