There's been a huge debate on whether or not the Celtics are better without Rajon Rondo. The classic argument is "A record of 15-6 is certainly better than a record of 20-23." The classic counter-argument is "No matter what happens in the regular season, Rondo usually shines in the playoffs." This season, Rajon Rondo will not be stepping on the court with his team come playoff time, and since Rondo is the main man in the postseason, are the Celtics doomed? To that I say YES, and NO. Rajon Rondo's playoff performance in the 2011-2012 season was great. In his 19 games, he averaged 17.3 points (career-high), 6.7 rebounds, 11.9 assists (career-high), and 3.8 turnovers (career-high), shooting 46.8% from the field (career-high) in 42.6 minutes (career-high). There were even a few triple-doubles sprinkled inside. It was a postseason where Rondo truly showed that he could commit, and expand his game to help the team win.