Patrick Maroon is playing the mime, lips velcroed when it comes to discussing his parameters for a long-term Edmonton Oilers contract. But there are a lot of talking points to chew on for Connor McDavid’s left winger who had a ground-breaking season last year. 1. How many of Maroon’s 27 goals were only because he played with the NHL scoring champ? Remember when we heard that about Jari Kurri in the early days when he was on right wing with Wayne Gretzky? We’re overlooking the salient fact Maroon wouldn’t be there for any length of time if he wasn’t offering up something for McDavid. 2. Do the Oilers wait until, say, Christmas to make sure Maroon’s 2016-17 outbreak of goals wasn’t a one off? Or should they get cracking now because if he scores, say, 32 goals, then he’s going to cost an awful lot more before he goes the free-agent route July 1, 2018? 3. Who are Maroon’s comparables anyway when they’re talking contract? Would it be Islanders’ big left-winger Anders Lee, 27, who had a career high 34 goals last year alongside John Tavares. He makes $3.75 million this year and next. Would it be winger Patrick Eaves, who had a breakout 32-goal season last year and got a three-year re-up in Anaheim for $3.15 million a season? Or is that really a good example when Eaves is 33 and much smaller than the 29-year-old Maroon? 4. Are the parties looking for three years or four years? If it’s three years, Maroon’s agent Allain Roy, who represents Oilers Mark Letestu and Kris Russell, might start with the number 4 in his proposal to the Oilers, which is $12 million. If the Oilers give him longer-term, they could be looking in the $3.4 mil range which is $13.6 million. 5. Would the exceedingly happy, at peace with the NHL world, Maroon take a hometown discount to stay here with McDavid and if not him then Leon Draisaitl as his centre, on a Stanley Cup contender? Presumably, Maroon would want a no-move clause for that, right?