One important question the Knicks have to answer next week is this: how much do we value Derrick Rose?

Rose, as you know, was a driving force behind New York’s success last season. The Knicks were 11 points better per 100 possessions when Rose was on the court, compared to when he was off.

Rose gave New York timely scoring, shot creation and leadership.

Without Rose, it’s hard to see how the Knicks get to 41 wins and the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.

So, you’d assume that the Knicks would prioritize signing Rose this offseason.

Based on Tom Thibodeau’s relationship with Rose, you’d think that Rose returning to New York is one of the safest bets in Vegas.

But one team monitoring the market for Rose last week said that, entering the weekend, some with the Knicks wanted to let Rose find other offers before they made their own.