In response to the news that the Panthers will pay coach Matt Rhule $60 million over seven years (with incentives that can kick the total to $70 million), some have begun to rattle off the earnings of other coaches, by way of comparison. But there’s a problem with the numbers that make their way to the media. Many of them are too light.

As one source with direct knowledge of the dynamics explained it to PFT, the highest-paid coaches in the NFL currently are in the range of $15 million. The numbers that are reported to the league office are often incomplete, with other compensation coming not from the team but related entities, for general services like “advertising.”

The objective is two-fold: To avoid the perception that coaches are overpaid (they’re not, especially in comparison to players), and to keep the market from going haywire.

With Panthers owner David Tepper paying Rhule $8.5 million per year (Chris Simms has heard it’s a straight $9 million annually), the market may go haywire.