There will not be a minor-league season in 2020, yet there will be Prospect Watch -- albeit in an altered format. Rather than surveying the land for every team, we'll be highlighting one youngster playing in big-league games. This week, that player is Seattle Mariners first baseman Evan White, who has impressed with his well-above-average defense over the first week-plus.

When we ranked White as the No. 4 prospect in Seattle's system over the winter, we quipped that right-handed first basemen are often viewed as fungible, and that those first-baggers who are known more for their gloves than their bats "tend to be as successful as hockey players with more teeth than career goals." The Mariners don't agree with those statements, or, at minimum, they don't agree that those statements apply to White, who they signed to a six-year extension worth $24 million before he'd played in five Triple-A games. (He still hasn't.)

White's development as a hitter will dictate if the Mariners come out ahead (and by how much) on that deal, but that's a matter for another paragraph. For now, let us praise his defense. He has all the ingredients to be an annual Gold Glove Award candidate: soft hands, nimble and intelligent footwork, a flexible lower half, quick reactions, and a strong arm.