Drew Brees is a 40-year-old NFL quarterback -- that in and of itself is a rare feat. 

And while there seems to be no dropoff in his Saints production after his 18th NFL season, even GM Mickey Loomis said it's really unknown how long the 12-time Pro Bowler could keep playing. 

“It’s a good question,” Loomis said Monday on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio in response to a question from host Adam Schein.

“I would say that for most people he’s already exceeded whatever number was anticipated. Certainly that’s true with Tom Brady as well."

Brady, 41, is the only other NFL quarterback currently beyond the 40 mark. Brees celebrated his 40th birthday during the divisional round of the NFL playoffs in January. 

But Loomis suggested it would be up to the QB to make the decision, and the team would be happy to have him as long as he wanted to stick around -- provided he continued to play the position at the high level he's shown throughout his record-breaking career. 

"You know, I don’t think we look at it that way anymore. I think we look at it in terms of, ‘Hey, this year,’ you know? And man, he had a great season last year, and we expect a great season this year," Loomis said. “And so for as long as he wants to play and can play, he’s going to have that opportunity.”