Nate Parham is one of the managing editors of SB Nation's excellent Warriors blog Golden State of Mind as well as Swish Appeal, a blog on all things women's hoops. You can follow him on Twitter at Nate P. Head over to his site for my answers to his questions about the Mavs. Did anyone see a 27-18 record, mostly without Bogut, coming? How surprising has the Warriors fast start been from the inside? No, and anyone who tells you they did *without Bogut* is lying to you. To describe how surprising this is, there were plenty of folks at GSoM who refused to believe this team was for real until they recently beat the Thunder (without Bogut). That would be after the Warriors had clinched the season series with the Clippers 3-1 and had beaten the Heat in Miami (without Bogut). No matter what happens going forward, this season has already exceeded most (reasonable) people's most optimistic expectations. It's hard not to compare it to the We Believe team, but that was like an adrenaline rush that never felt truly sustainable; what makes this so remarkable - though perhaps not quite the same high - is that this is a major turning point for the entire organization, from the rookies to the coaching staff making this thing work to the front office looking not just competent but maybe even brilliant. Yes, I'm ecstatic about this team.