Whether Billy Eppler realized it at the time, the Angels general manager took a step toward getting a second baseman when he made a deal for a left fielder Aug. 31. In the four months since Eppler got Justin Upton from the Detroit Tigers, Upton had been recruiting his former teammate, second baseman Ian Kinsler. Kinsler, who waived his limited no-trade clause to accept a deal to the Angels last week, said Monday he’d wanted to play for the Angels since talking to Upton about the team. “Justin loved his time there so far, and I put a lot of trust in his opinion,” Kinsler said on a conference call with Southern California media. “It obviously made me real interested in the Angels.” Kinsler said his interest was piqued even more when the Angels won the sweepstakes to get Shohei Ohtani. “Making moves this winter to push for the next level, that’s something a player like myself is excited for,” Kinsler said.”That motivates a player like me.”