A discussion with any Jets player about Todd Bowles elicits a smile and positive vibes. These Jets support their coach, but how they play for him in the final six games of this season could determine his long-term future. “I think Todd has done a lot of good things,” Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said earlier in the month. “I think Todd has a bright future and I really enjoy working with him and I’m excited about where things go, going forward.” Bowles’ contract runs through the 2018 season, but his status could change on a whim. Maccagnan recently said he and Bowles report directly to Jets CEO/chairman Christopher Johnson. And Johnson has said he wants to see progress from his team. The Jets, 5-11 last season, are 4-6. Four of their remaining six opponents have winning records: the Panthers, Saints, Patriots and Chiefs. The other two, the Broncos and Chargers, both are 3-6.