Life After Eli Manning is a sobering and frightening prospect for a franchise that has been luckier than most at the most important position for the last 14 seasons, and for Giants fans. Whoever will be picking the players and picking up the pieces for the Giants after this season, whether it is Jerry Reese or not Jerry Reese, will face a watershed moment in club history at next April’s NFL draft. To draft the next franchise quarterback, or not to draft him, that is the question. Because when you look at these incapacitated Giants, it is difficult to see them better than 3-13, with winnable road games only against the sorry 49ers and a Cardinals team that just might ask Adrian Peterson to run for 200 yards with Drew Stanton in for Carson Palmer, who has a broken left arm. No one should think about pushing Manning out the door, because when Odell Beckham Jr. is back, he will at least have a chance, and will still give the Giants their best chance to win in 2018. But in the meantime, it is time to get Davis Webb warming up in the bullpen. And before long, it will be time to get Webb on the field, even if it means the end of Manning’s Ironman streak, so the franchise will have a better idea as to whether the rookie can be its next franchise quarterback.