As they gathered in the locker room, Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton had an important message to share with his players.

Though they finished with a 136-122 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, the Kings’ season officially ended. But this did not mark the time for self reflection. Nor did it mark the time to share any insight on how to improve next season.

Instead, Walton talked to his players about leaving the NBA Disney campus in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have to be very smart about how we act when we get out of here,’” Walton recalled telling his players. “The coronavirus is still active obviously and its spreading everywhere. So we’ve been safe here. Now when we get home, we have a lot of responsibilities.”

The NBA outlined a number of daily responsibilities for all 22 of the participating teams at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Every player, coach and staff member had to receive tests for COVID-19. They had to report any symptoms, their temperature and oxygen levels. They were required to wear masks in public spaces and had to follow social distancing rules. That explained why the NBA and its players union reported zero positives tests the past four weeks.