Spring training is here. Soon every team will be playing actual, honest-to-goodness games. And in those games, across all of baseball, arguably no player's performance will matter more than Ronald Acuna's. You've probably heard about Acuna by now, whether because he's the top prospect in baseball, the heir apparent to Matt Kemp in Atlanta or the one rookie (non-Shohei Ohtani division) who Fantasy Baseball analysts keep insisting you absolutely have to draft. Indeed, he's probably the most hyped pre-draft rookie since Kris Bryant in 2015. And we all remember how that turned out, right? But there's no such thing as a can't-miss prospect, and that's especially true for a 20-year-old. Acuna carries risk -- plenty of it, actually -- so while it's easy to call him "must-have" relative to other rookies, there are certainly stages of a Fantasy Baseball draft in which the risk outweighs the reward. The trick is figuring out when the scales tip in the reward's favor. So what is the reward? How good could he be? Where should I draft him, Scott!? Patience. We'll get there. The reward A player doesn't become the top prospect in baseball by accident, right? So the upside is high. That goes without saying. But there's reason to believe the upside for this particular prospect is unusually high. I'd say once-in-a-generation high, but this generation already has that player in Mike Trout.