Sometime between now and Nov. 2015, the Orioles will make a decision on the future of Matt Wieters. It could come soon, if the Orioles are convinced that he won’t re-sign with the team. It could come later if he actually signs an extension with the team. Or, they could simply decide to keep Wieters, realizing that he’s the best catcher they’re likely to find, and take a shot at contending with him and try to re-sign him two year from now. How’s that for definitive? In the interim, there will continue to be lots of drama surrounding this decidedly non-dramatic catcher, who works hard and lets his agent Scott Boras handle the business. Boras’ reaction to the New York Yankees’ signing of Brian McCann to catch will be an interesting one. McCann and New York reached an agreement on a five-year, $85 million contract on Saturday. Comparing Wieters with McCann is Boras’ job, and since the new Yankees catcher isn’t the uberagent’s client, you can be assured Boras will unearth data to show Wieters is better.