All those folks out there who thought it was a bad idea for the Eagles to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, raise your hands. Sorry, I don’t believe you. I know, everyone wants Asomugha gone. They don’t care that the Eagles will have to stuff $4 million in his pocket on the way out the door. Fine, do it. Just send him on his way. It doesn’t matter where. It is easy now to say that Asomugha was a bad fit. We saw the Eagles' secondary. We saw how pitiful it was -- the Eagles allowed 60 touchdown passes the last two seasons -- and we saw how utterly lost Asomugha appeared. It was a disaster, no doubt. But I don’t recall anyone predicting this when the Eagles signed him. Quite the contrary -- almost everyone hailed it as a master stroke. I did, too. I thought the Eagles had landed a great player. So it is not fair to criticize them now. Let’s face it, we all were wrong. I talked to a lot of people around the league, prior to the signing and after, about Asomugha, who was considered the prize of the 2011 free agent class. Everyone I spoke with agreed Asomugha was the real deal. No one suggested his skills were diminishing. No one hinted that his attitude was poor. A few people noted he wasn’t a very physical player, but as one personnel man said, “How many physical cornerbacks are there? Very few.” No one saw it as a real issue. The consensus was, yes, Nnamdi will be expensive, but he is worth it.