The loud voice boomed across the court. Those sitting at press row could hear the message, too. “That’s a travel!!!” Warriors reserve forward David West yelled out from the end of the bench. Moments later, officials determined the same thing. So they called Minnesota center Karl-Anthony Towns for traveling. The same sequence played out a possession later. “I don’t really do it on purpose,” West said later. “I’m being myself, being a fan, team player and commentator. It’s part of the game.” And it is a part of the game that West’s teammates enjoy. The Warriors (15-5) will present fans with West’s bobblehead before Monday’s game against the Sacramento Kings (5-14) at Oracle Arena. The Warriors will fulfill this gesture as a way to express their appreciation to a 15-year veteran that helps the team with defense, mid-range shots and infinite amounts of wisdom. The Warriors also like what West provides when he sits on the bench, such as when he yelled out missed calls during an exhibition game in China that referees soon corrected. “That’s probably the funniest stuff when he’s talking to the officials,” Warriors reserve guard Shaun Livingston said. “They just take it with a grain of salt. But we’re on the bench dying.”