Few six-minute, one-mile rides have had as much impact on a football team than the one the Cincinnati Bengals’ team buses made from their hotel in downtown Minneapolis to U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday afternoon. In that brief window, ESPN’s national NFL reporter Adam Schefter – an industry heavyweight known for breaking insider news, reported definitively that Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis was going to step away from the team after the season to pursue other opportunities. On the buses phones of players, coaches and staff pinged and buzzed with notifications of the news first on social media, and then with text messages. Players showed one another and began talking about it. Not everyone on the 53-man roster saw the news immediately. Many were immersed in their pregame routines, and it was a short trip. But it shortly spread through the entire locker room. If a player didn’t know getting off the bus, he found out as the team began getting ready to play the Vikings. In his postgame press conference Sunday, Lewis quipped that players didn’t see it on their phones because “these guys are on their phones with somebody that’s not watching or has anything to do with the NFL.”