On Thursday, the Seattle Mariners made a creative deal, acquiring second baseman Dee Gordon and international bonus money from the Miami Marlins in exchange for three prospects (here's a closer look at how the Marlins made out in the deal). The Mariners intend to shift Gordon to center field, where his elite speed could in time make him a fierce defender. But, while that aspect is likely to demand most of the attention, there's another part of the trade worth highlighting: the impact the deal could have on the Mariners' pursuit of Japanese two-way phenom and top-ranked free-agent Shohei Ohtani. By adding $1 million from the Marlins in the trade, the Mariners now have the most money to offer Ohtani. Obviously Ohtani doesn't seem primarily motivated by money -- otherwise he wouldn't be coming to the majors now when he could've waited a few years and hit the open market without restriction -- but it probably can't hurt the Mariners' case that they have the most to offer.