Three goals in two games for Kyle Turris, and a whole lot of hustle and some pretty good (and developing) chemistry with linemates Guillaume Latendresse and Daniel Alfredsson. Not a bad start, eh? The Salvation of Kyle Turris™ has reached a whole other level so far this season, but to take a step back: How well can we expect Turris to do this year? Last year in 49 games with the Ottawa Senators, Turris managed to put up 12G and 17A. He joined the team under somewhat similar circumstances then, too, having missed training camp due to a holdout last year and the lockout this year (although a summer in the gym and a bit of time playing in Finland probably had him in better shape this year than last). But he's obviously started a lot faster, so it seems safe to assume he'll at the very least match his 2011-12 point totals. His 37.5% shooting proficiency is insanely unsustainable, but that doesn't mean his scoring will fall off completely. If Turris manages to score 20G in 48GP this season, that would be a pace slightly lower than Milan Michalek's from last year; certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Production of 25G this season, if Turris plays every game, isn't unrealistic, but it would represent the highest goal total Turris had put up in a single season since he left Junior A hockey. And 30G in a lockout-shortened year? Highly unlikely, given that in last season only Steven Stamkos and Evgeni Malkin had great goals-per-game numbers than 30G in 48GP would equate to.