Are the Browns looking to push Brandon Weeden or push Brandon Weeden out? That's not the split-hair difference between "hybrid" and "multifront." It's the most important distinction facing the latest new, and allegedly improved, regime in Berea -- one promising smart decisions arrived at by "consensus." Right on cue, here comes a test to the notion of football democracy fresh off watching another division opponent win a Super Bowl -- once again with a franchise quarterback more tender in years when the confetti fell than Weeden's draft age in 2011. Joe Flacco is 28. Weeden will be 30 in October. Ben Roethlisberger, who turns 31 next month, had two Super Bowls by age 27. If consensus sounds good in theory but not entirely functional in practice, don't worry. Organizations, especially new ones, love to promote the notion of harmony. All for one. One for all. They may even believe it possible. Sounds great, until the GM goes along with his head coach's choice of a pass rusher instead of a run stopper on draft day, and Haloti Ngata snorts fire in the middle of a nasty Ravens defense for the next decade.