The thought of being a forward in the NBA never entered Ben Simmons' mind. No matter how tall he was going to grow up to be, he wanted to be a guard. If he didn't fit the conventional role, he would carve one out for himself. "As soon as I was on the court, my dad told me to be creative and do what you want at a young age," Simmons said. "And he told me to dribble as soon as I got a rebound. That was just always on my mind. I never thought about being a big guy and going to the post." The connection between Simmons' father, Dave, and the Sixers is well-known by now. Long before Simmons was born, Brett Brown coached his father in Australia, where he played professionally for over 10 years. While Brown was very familiar with Dave Simmons' game, the younger Simmons' style would be anything but familiar to the NBA. Dave Simmons helped develop his son into a 6-foot-10, 250-pound point guard. And the 2016 No. 1 pick at that.