Because everyone loves home-and-home series (/sarcasm), the NBA saddled us with another against the Suns. The Rockets play in Phoenix tonight and back home on Wednesday. Except the Suns play Denver on Monday before flying to Houston. The Rockets had a similar setup to a home-and-home against Dallas, and it sucks. Sorry Phoenix. Some nice notes about this game: both teams are on a back-to-back, so no one has an advantage in that regard (though the Suns are at home tonight of course). Also, the Rockets will get three days off between games, which is always great to have. Finally, this marks the first time these two teams will play. The Suns are the only team in the NBA the Rockets have yet to face, and they play Phoenix four times total this season. That's a weird schedule quirk for sure. One last thing: the game starts at 8pm, which is much better than those stupid 9:30 start times. Once again, sorry to those abroad. I wish I could help you out, truly.