After starting the New Year on a four game winning streak, the Rockets have dropped their last three games and the schedule doesn't get any easier. Dissecting the January schedule is far from pleasing. The NBA thought it would be a bright idea for the Rockets to have six pairs of back-to back games this month. If that's not challenging enough, the month also includes 12 road games, five of which have been played. The Rockets have gone 2-3 so far, and have a 7-11 record on the road overall. I won't go into long previews about completed games this month since we have such great writers here at TDS who have done that extremely well (searching for acceptance) but a refresher course follows. The back-to-backs started against the Bucks earlier this month. The Rockets struggled to score the basketball in the first half, and then quickly exploded for 68 second half points. They grabbed that victory 115-101 and jumped on a plane for Cleveland as they prepared to play Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers the next night. The Rockets took that game 112-104 after ending the second and fourth quarters with 34 points each.