Quick, pick the easiest position for the Cardinals to upgrade this offseason.

No, not the position that most needs an overhaul. And not the position you would personally prefer to improve.

Factor in the roster implications and contractual obligations, and point to one spot not on the pitching mound.

Sorry, Dexter Fowler’s big contract and full no-trade clause eliminate right field from this experiment.

The best answer can be found in the opposite corner of the infield.

A case can be made that the Cardinals should be getting more out of third base. And it seems to be perhaps the easiest path to pursue. So, they will do that, right?

Who knows?

The Cards are hiding their cards. Fans have been asking about the lack of an end-of-season news conference with team officials. It’s coming. Maybe. An offseason to-do list has not yet been revealed, perhaps because it is in the works. A request to preview the rough draft offered more open-ended options than highlighted needs.