Jeremy Horst logged his worst outing of the spring on a blustery day in Sarasota, Fla., exactly one week ago. A pitcher never wants to see a six-run, two-homer outing show up on the box score, especially if it’s only for two thirds of an inning. Most pitchers, however, usually say they take something from those beatdowns. Maybe a slight tweak in the mechanics, maybe even a pace problem. However small, usually something can be found to work and improve on for the next start. Horst, however, was having none of that. “Honestly, I threw that out the window,” Horst said. “Ten minutes after I was done, I forgot about that. I think in a situation like that, the more you dwell on it, kind of the harder it seems you fight yourself.” If Sunday’s game was any indication, Horst selected the correct strategy. He plowed through three Astros hitters in the Phillies’ 7-1 win, throwing a perfect inning with two strikeouts. Horst said his spring, which has not been stellar to this point, has been stereotypical, as he described himself as a slow starter. He did admit “it’s been a little rough” thus far. Horst is embroiled in a wide-open race for a couple bullpen spots on the Opening Day roster, and if he wants to ease his worries a bit down the stretch, he’ll have to pitch more like he did Sunday. Horst pitched well in his time with the Phillies last season, something that should give him a leg up.