There's no doubt in the mind of New Orleans Hornets center Robin Lopez for whom his mother will be rooting Tuesday night when Robin faces older twin brother – by a minute – Brook and the Brooklyn Nets. "I've got the family in town; got my mom rooting for me," Robin said following Hornets' practice Monday at New Orleans Arena. "Hopefully it goes my way. I'm the younger one. Everybody goes for the baby . . . . and I'm better and I'm more lovable." There have been seven sets of twins who have played in the NBA, and Robin and Brook, born April 1, 1988 – "Just like Fred and George Weasley," Robin said, referring to Harry Potter characters – have faced each other before on a professional court. But this is the first time the brothers will meet on somewhat equal footing: both starters on their respective teams, though Brook this season has seen his career take the quantum leap into stardom via his selection to this year's Eastern Conference All-Star team.