The bottom line after Atlanta left AAC with a 105-101 victory Monday night is that the Mavericks failed in their bid to go 4-0 on the home stand that leads up to the All-Star break. That’s only part of their problem. The owner, coach and even Dirk Nowitzki are not optimistic that any help is on the way. That made for a gloomy post-game locker room after the loss to the Hawks. The Mavericks know they have zero room for error, even though they had a slew of errors at crunch time. “Another game we put on ourselves,” said Elton Brand. “Give them credit. They played well at the end. But we had ‘em. The mood before tonight was OK. We felt good about ourselves. Tonight, we might have been feeling a little too good at the onset of the game. This one’s disappointing.” The Mavericks went through the motions in the game’s first 10 minutes, falling behind 10-0 and 29-16 before showing any sort of fight. It still came down to one possession late and when you have three turnovers in the final 25 seconds, shoot 7-of-21 in the fourth quarter and give up 26 fast-break points for the game, it’s a losing recipe. The insult to the injury was the steal former Maverick Devin Harris had against his old team when he ran down O.J. Mayo with 24 seconds to go and Mayo streaking toward the basket. A score would have put the Mavericks up 100-99. Mayo’s fast. But Harris was faster and the steal led to free throws for Josh Smith and the beginning of the end for the Mavericks. “It’s the story of our season,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “Down the stretch, we had our chances. For some reason, we can’t pull close games out. That’s just a game we gotta have. No matter what happens, we got to find a way to win that game.”