At the end of a two-month season played behind a mask, at a responsible distance and between clouds of spittle, there arrives an opening to contemplate again the concept of value.

Baseball value. In 2020. The value of anything, really, in 2020, when a trip to the grocery store is a minor act of heroism, when working at that grocery store makes you the next Marvel superhero.

Therefore, in settling on the most valuable among them, you’d get to the players somewhere after the medical directors, clubhouse attendants, trainers, cleaning crew, security guards, bus drivers, flight attendants, grounds crew, spouses and children, coaching staff, umpires, housekeepers, room service runners, contact tracers, the lady who holds the replay phone and the dude who invented Zoom.

Then Fernando Tatis Jr. and Nelson Cruz.

(Also receiving votes.)

The numbers vs. the intangibles