Hey, JaVale, what was it like coming home? "I wouldn't call it home. I was born in Michigan." Well, a homecoming, I guess? "I wouldn't call it homecoming either, because that would mean this is home." Well, somewhere you played before. "I've played in a lot of places in my life." And that was the eccentric JaVale McGee on his return Friday to Washington, where he played 3½ seasons with the Wizards until being traded to Denver last season. McGee received a smattering of boos, and some cheers, when he came off the Nuggets' bench. He is known for a variety of things in Washington — potential, bonehead plays, highlight-reel plays and losing. He opened up a little more, saying in the losing team's locker room: "It really wasn't emotional at all. For some reason I have a selective memory, so I remember stuff I want to remember. So it wasn't like I was having flashbacks, stuff like that. It wasn't really that special to me." Coach George Karl praised McGee's performance Friday. McGee finished with nine points, four rebounds and two blocked shots in his first game back "home." And Randy Wittman, the Wizards' coach, said McGee is "one of the most athletic big guys in the league. He's a guy who has the size, speed and jumping ability, a lot of tools."