Maurice Jones-Drew gets a second chance to celebrate his homecoming Sunday. A year ago the Bay Area native made his first appearance of his NFL career in Oakland but didn’t put on a show for his family and friends. Jones-Drew suffered a foot injury on the first play stayed in for one more play before limping off and missing the rest of the season. On Sunday the Jaguars return to Oakland — they also played in San Francisco in 2009 in a 20-3 loss — and Jones-Drew insists he won’t be thinking about the play that ended his season. “It was a routine tackle. I was more upset that it wasn’t like a crazy play and I could be like ‘Oh this guy is a cheapshot artist’ ’’ he said. About his homecoming he said “It hasn’t been a good homecoming period. I’m not really worried about that right now. I’m not really focused on going home. I’ve already made a couple of calls. I won’t be meeting with people until after the game if the game allows me to do that.’’ Jones-Drew is well aware of the Jaguars’ struggles on the West Coast since he’s been with the team. They’ve played once at Oakland San Francisco San Diego and Seattle and lost all four. In those games Jones-Drew has only 146 yards on 41 carries for a 3.6-yard average. His career average going into this season was 4.6. “Obviously we hope those things change but it has been a rough West Coast for me so we’ll see how those things go’’ he said. “I’m not real worried about that. I want to focus on correcting what I have to correct within myself and obviously helping our offense get better.” Though Jones-Drew has had a successful career with three Pro Bowl appearances and a rushing title he hasn’t enjoyed much team success. The Jaguars have only made the playoffs once (in 2007) in his seven years with the team and won one playoff game. That’s quite a contrast to his high school career at De La Salle High School in Concord Calif. where his teams never lost. The school’s winning steak from 1992 to 2004 lasted 151 games. “I lost a lot before that and I lost in college a lot’’ said Jones-Drew who played at UCLA. “You learn lessons. It’s always frustrating. You want to win every game.