Paul Holmgren is fond of saying how much he “likes” his roster. He’ll say it three or four times a season. And then go out and make a couple of changes. You can always “like” something else better out there. Given the Flyers' multitude of problems this season, it would be foolish to assume the roster will remain the same, regardless of how much he “likes” it. It can’t. To do so would only doom the franchise to another non-playoff season. “We need a few changes on the back end,” one source said recently, referring to the Flyers' blue line. The Flyers’ defense will change. Even Holmgren alluded to that. “We’re always looking to get better on the back end,” he said of the blue line. He also mentioned getting “bigger,” which was interpreted to mean bigger up front, perhaps at center where the Flyers are a trifle small right now. “I still like our team,” Holmgren said. “When we are healthy, we’re a good team. We had a lot of unhealthy players this year. I think we will be better next year. We will look around and makes ourselves better. Let’s see what we can come up with.” Holmgren gave full support behind coach Peter Laviolette’s “attack” system even though the club’s five-on-five play was horrific until the final 15 games of the season.