Santonio Holmes who talked down his recovery all preseason said Tuesday that he was frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to play more in Sunday’s game against the Bucs. Asked how he felt after the game health-wise Holmes said “I survived.” “That’s probably the biggest thing I can say right now is that I survived and got through it OK” Holmes said. “No injuries so pretty good.” Holmes did note that he dislikes the playing surface at MetLife Stadium. “I don’t like playing on FieldTurf flat out” Holmes said. “I’d rather play on grass and we have to deal with playing on FieldTurf and practice on it a few days before playing in our game so I kind of got a good feel for it.” “It’s just not real. It doesn’t feel the same” he added. “It’s totally different from grass. It’s unexplainable to a person who (doesn’t) perform on the field like we do. The grass feels better softer on the feet. But to run on rubber pellets and things like that is just totally not acceptable for what we as football players (who) grew up playing on solid grass and now we’re playing on something totally different.” Holmes had only one catch for 13 yards on Sunday but said that he was graded highest by the coaches of all the wide receivers. Holmes said he didn’t know if he would play more on Thursday but noted that with Jeremy Kerley injured that could be expected. Earlier in the day Rex Ryan said if Holmes was on the field he was still considered the Jets’ No. 1 receiver. Holmes drew Darrelle Revis in coverage for most of last week’s game but said he didn’t speak to his former teammate. “Like I told you guys before the first game came around he was a nemesis so therefore we had no words for each other” he said. “It was all smiles on the field. It was good to see each other out there at that point.”