Odell Beckham, Jr. promised he won't hold out, but sources in his camp insist a holdout is still on the table. Pat Shurmur said he expects Beckham will show up to camp on time, but team sources say they're not so sure about that. Beckham wants a new contract, but there's no indication he'll get one any time soon.

And there are still five weeks to go until the Giants report for training camp, and any of that could change at any time.

So while you're biting your nails for the next few weeks wondering if the Giants' best player will show up or not, and pondering just how ugly his contract negotiations could get (or not), here's a primer on where everything stands with Beckham, the Giants, and his contract as of right now, and a look at where this whole thing may eventually go...

What Odell Beckham said

In a brief and exclusive interview with SNY, he was asked if we'd all see him at training camp and he said "Yes sir. Yes you will." Then when he was asked if that meant no holdout, he said "No. No holdout." Those are Beckham's only public words since he injured his ankle last October and the only time he's even hinted at his summer plans.

What the Giants have said

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur said he expects Beckham will be at camp on time and has "no reason to believe" he won't be physically able to practice fully in every drill when camp begins. Like the rest of the Giants organization, he has been very complimentary of Beckham since the offseason program began in early April. John Mara, who in the past has said Beckham will eventually get and sign a long-term contract extension with the Giants, recently changed his tone to "I hope so." And he added "It'll get done when it's supposed to get done," whatever that means.

Where contract negotiations stand

Basically nowhere. According to multiple sources, the two sides have had preliminary conversations but no serious talks. The Beckham camp, according to a source, doesn't view the Giants as being ready or willing to engage in serious conversations just yet. The Giants, according to a source, want to at least see him on the field and in action to make sure he's still the same player after his ankle surgery before they talk about paying him more than any receiver in NFL history.

Beckham's current contract situation

He's due $8.459 million this season in the final year of his contract. The Giants can then use the "franchise tag" on him next offseason, though it would likely cost about $15 million for one year. They can do it again after that, but the cost would skyrocket even more.