Blues coach Ken Hitchcock is waiting for a sign. Eventually, he'll have to choose between Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott to be his starting goalie for the playoffs, and so far, precious little separates the two. At some point, one would think, over the course of 82 games, one of the Blues' goalies would set himself apart from the competition. It hasn't happened. Halak and Elliott — or, if you prefer, Elliott and Halak — keep making a case for themselves. "In six months of hockey, you expect a downturn somewhere, and there hasn't been," Hitchcock said Wednesday. "The goaltending has been at a high level since day one, and at times it's been exceptional." So, he waits. A true master of suspense, Hitchcock said he will put off the decision for as long as he can, and even he doesn't know how this movie will end. In the meantime, he's keeping all his options and showing no favorites.