There might not be any Ducks player looking forward to having three days off more than Jonas Hiller. Hiller hopes that will give him time to recover as he copes with a mysterious case of fatigue and lightheadedness that has rendered him confused as well. Hiller said after Saturday's game that he didn't feel much different and sounded a little discouraged about the situation. "(I'm) a little worn down, a little lightheaded," Hiller said in a brief interview. "It's weird. I don't know. It doesn't seem right. "I was hoping it would get better from one day to the next but it didn't happen, so unfortunately I hope it's going to be good soon. All I can do is get my rest and we'll see what happens." Hiller and the Ducks don't have much, if any, explanation for the ailment. Hiller said he felt "weird" after Wednesday's game against San Jose but that he had gotten better. But he was tired enough Friday for the team to scratch him from his scheduled start, largely a precautionary move as the Ducks come back home before they embark on a trip through Canada next week.