Capitals defenseman Jack Hillen and his wife, Caitlin, thought they had the perfect plan for the arrival of their second child. Living with her husband’s family in Minnetonka, Minn., Caitlin was due to deliver their second child on April 17. The Capitals have a two-break in the schedule April 14 and 15 and Jack figured he’d catch a flight back home to witness the birth. Little Knox Patrick had other plans. While the Capitals were in Sunrise, Fla., on Saturday night preparing to play the Florida Panthers, Caitlin went into labor. “I didn’t know,” Hillen said. “I had no idea. I talked to her before the game and everything was fine. I had no idea she was going into labor.” That’s where Ian Anderson, the Caps’ manager of team services, enters the story. Anderson and Caitlin had each other’s cell phone numbers and it was agreed upon that if Caitlin went into labor just before or during a game she would text him. Hillen made it clear to Anderson that he did not want to know if his wife was in labor during a game. It was early in the third period that Anderson received a text from Caitlin that she gave birth to a 7-pound, 1 ounce boy. “I got off the ice,” Hillen said, “Ian pulled me aside and said, ‘Congratulations.’ It’s awesome. It’s a blessing. Everybody’s healthy.” Hillen managed to get a Wifi connection and FaceTimed with Caitlin and their newborn son after the game, and again when the Caps landed in D.C. around 3 a.m. “I texted her and she couldn’t sleep,” Hillen said of Caitlin. “Not a lot of sleep for me. A lot of things were going through my head. I was kind of planning on things differently.”