The Angels find themselves in familiar territory as they begin the new season. Their roster is so loaded with MVPs, All-Stars and players with mega contracts that the pundits have placed the Angels among the best teams in the majors. A World Series championship is squarely in their sights. Of course, they saw how that worked out last year. By the end of April, the Angels had played a month of disappointing baseball that left them to spend the rest of the season climbing a hill that proved to be too steep. Looking back, some players suggest the way the Angels handled those expectations might have contributed to the season-killing start. "I think it got us a little early and we got comfortable," ace Jered Weaver said. "We're not used to having that much hype. I'm not going to say that played into it. We were confident, but maybe just a little too confident going into the season. We figured out how to work with it and made it work the rest of the season and we just came up a little bit short." Outfielder Peter Bourjos said the Angels "had a little too much pressure on us last year and we learned from it." While some other players insist the pressure and expectations had no impact on the 6-14 start last season, they do agree the team needs to make sure it doesn't get caught up expecting a big payroll and a lot of stars will automatically create victories.