Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert overcame a 7-foot mental obstacle against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday. Bucks center Andrew Bogut had been the nagging headache that refused to go away. Hibbert didn't dominate Bogut in the post offensively, but he made sure the former No. 1 overall pick didn't manhandle him, either. Bogut never got going offensively against Hibbert. The Pacers, in particular Hibbert and veteran Jeff Foster, held Bogut to nine points on 4-of-10 shooting and 12 rebounds. The nine points mark Bogut's lowest total in seven matchups with Hibbert. "He's an extremely talented player," Hibbert said about Bogut. "I've got a great deal of respect for him. I wanted to make it difficult for him. Jeff did a great job on him. I think we tried to limit him and force his teammates to try and make plays." Other than Orlando's Dwight Howard, the best center in the NBA, Bogut and Atlanta's Al Horford have given Hibbert fits in the past. "Roy has come a long way defensively," interim coach Frank Vogel said. "He did a great job on (Bogut); all our guys did. When he did beat Roy, we had help behind him. It was a team effort." Vogel, when asked before the game about Hibbert's trouble with Bogut, spoke with hope. "Roy is going to have a great game tonight," Vogel said. The Pacers made a concerted effort to get Hibbert touches in the post early. Hibbert made his first four shots from the field to go with three rebounds and a couple of assists. He finished with 13 points, eight rebounds and six assists. "Before, I didn't go into this game with a lot of confidence, but my teammates, especially (Darren Collison), said they were going to get me going," Hibbert said. "He knew Bogut has had the better of me in the past, so he tried to get me going and I appreciate that."