Arizona State on Monday introduced Herm Edwards as its football coach, the major piece of program shift to an NFL-structured organizational model. Edwards, 63, has worked as an ESPN analyst since 2009. Before that, he was head coach of the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. ASU VP of Athletics Ray Anderson: "Since the last time we met in a similar setting a week ago, it's been a long, it's been a hectic, it's been an interesting, and I can guarantee you it's been an educational week." Why Herm Edwards? ASU President on Michael Crow: "One of the things we're trying to do in our football program is build on the success we've had the last few years. To advance in a new model, one in which we find an individual who can manage our football program and be our head coach. ... What we're doing is changing to a different model. We're not happy with the way the model has worked over several coaching changes here at ASU. In advancing this model, we needed to find a unique individual. I'm excited about where we are. We're committed to driving toward higher and higher levels of excellence." Phil de Picciotto, longtime associate of Edwards: "Whatever the platform, Herm has the ability to connect. Herm is a unifier. ... How one wins and with whom is very important to him. ... It's always about the people for Herm. ... Herm is beloved (at ESPN). He is referred there as coach, because he's always tried to help everyone. He never intended to leave ESPN. He feels he can make the right kind of different. I would say simply, Herm Edwards just fits here." ASU's program expectations Anderson: ASU football is nobody's rebuild. We need to take the next step, and I believe Herman Edwards can take us there." Edwards said ASU has not done a good enough job recruiting. Has not developed NFL talent well enough. Has not done a good enough job retaining assistant coaches. Wants to get to a point where ASU is the team nobody wants to play.