There has been a lot of focus on what the Brooklyn Nets are going to do at the point guard position with NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving not being a full-time player. However, the point guard spot wasn’t the only position the Nets had a new starter at.

Brooklyn is also breaking in a new center in Nicolas Claxton. Claxton was the first pick of the second round in 2019, going 31st overall out of Georgia. He appeared in only 47 games his first two seasons in the NBA and was an end-of-rotation player in the 2021 postseason. But, now he is being tasked with being the team’s starting center.

Former Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie believed that Claxton was one of the most talented players on the roster since he was drafted. But, could he be on the move sooner than later? One executive believes he is a guy that can get traded.

“I think Claxton’s a guy that could get moved,” an NBA executive who spoke with HoopsHype predicted. “They’ve got a lot of veterans they can play over him that came there to play and win a championship. I think they end up moving him if they need a piece. I like him. He’s young and skilled. He just needs to go to a place where he’ll get a lot of opportunities. Brooklyn’s tax bill is going to be ridiculous coming up. If they figure they can get someone as productive as him, and I think they drafted Day’Ron Sharpe with that in mind, to fill his role at a lower salary number.”

The Brooklyn Nets’ tax bill situation could change if they find a taker for Irving on the trade market also. But, as things are currently situated, the Nets will be making some decisions based on saving some money.