Kyler Murray, the electric Heisman Trophy winner and perhaps the most polarizing quarterback in this year's draft, officially committed to football over baseball on Monday. He needed to do that to convince an NFL team to draft him in the first round.

And while he almost certainly won't end up as the Giants' quarterback, he could have an impact on who will.

Right now, the NFL world seems mixed on Murray, mostly due to his height, which is listed at 5-foot-10 even though most think he's really one or two inches smaller. New Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury once said Murray could be the No. 1 pick in the draft - before he was hired by the team with that pick, of course. Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who holds the No. 4 pick, has seemed to be openly drooling over him at times.

Beyond them, though, opinion seems split. Some scouts and executives are convinced Murray is a first-round talent. Others think his height makes him more of a second-rounder. But in a draft that is thin on top quarterback prospects - and with a quarterback group generally considered inferior to the 2018 class - all it takes is one team to fall in love with Murray.

And it absolutely helps the Giants if another quarterback is thrown into the first-round mix.

Right now, the general consensus is that the only quarterbacks worthy of a first-round pick are Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins, Missouri's Drew Lock and maybe Duke's Daniel Jones. But there are three teams in the Top 10 that could be looking for a quarterback - the Giants (at 6), the Jaguars (7) and the Broncos (10) - and a few others who could trade up for a quarterback like the Dolphins (13) and Redskins (15).

Since any team that wants a quarterback knows they probably have to trade above the Giants to guarantee they get their guy, the more first-round quarterbacks there are, the less of an urgency there'll be to move up. And if any of those other teams fall in love with Murray, they can feel safe that he'll still be there after the Giants pick.