?After all the misery that Kawhi Leonard put the Spurs through this season, ?envisioning him in San Antonio next year seems bizarre. Besides the fact that his mind is drifting toward Los Angeles, Kawhi's feud with his current training staff is nothing to mess around with. Historically, the Spurs don't actually engage in major trades, but this can all change this offseason. With the Lakers bracing for a run at Leonard, the NBA landscape can drastically change. There's no denying how great of a fit it would be for Leonard to return to his hometown Lakers, but he'll cost Los Angeles an abundance of assets. Not only would Rob Pelinka have to relinquish Julius Randle, who is expected to be a high-profile restricted free agent, in a likely sign-and-trade, Kyle Kuzma OR Brandon Ingram PLUS the first-round pick they received from the Cavaliers would also have to be thrown into that mix.