Peter Moylan is a 38-year-old reliever who forged a baseball career after working manual labor and sales jobs in his native Australia. He is a pitcher who has endured two Tommy John surgeries on his right elbow, a torn rotator cuff and labrum in his shoulder and a procedure for a bulging disc in his back. The way he sees it, he is already playing with house money. His body has been stressed to the limits. His mind has been steeled by years of setbacks. And as he reached for a bag of potato chips inside his locker at Rogers Centre on Wednesday afternoon, pondering the latest chapter, he sat 12 days from concluding his best regular season in at least seven years. “All the (stuff) that I’ve been through up until last year,” Moylan said, munching a chip. “Every outing that I have is like: It’s hard not to enjoy it. I feel really good. And I feel like I could pitch for another couple of years.”