I no longer live in Charlotte. I live in Kembaville. There are daily Kemba Walker updates, and there should be. Kemba is by far the Charlotte Hornets’ best and most popular player. I understand why the Hornets would entertain a trade for him. He is the lone Charlotte player other teams crave. How else do the Hornets escape the mediocrity that clings to them? Nobody that follows the Hornets or cares about the NBA wants Kemba traded. Here’s how much I like Kemba: I’d rebound for him in the gym. And I’m about to undergo surgery on my left knee. So he wouldn’t get a lot of shots. But what I have, I’d give. That’s how he plays. Kemba came to town the same year as Cam Newton. In April of 2011, the Carolina Panthers selected Newton with the first pick in the NFL draft. Two months later, the Hornets took Kemba with the ninth pick in the NBA draft.