After watching Eli Manning get off to an ugly start in 2019, the Giants finally made the decision to bench their Super Bowl-winning quarterback on Tuesday in favor of rookie Daniel Jones. The team's decision means that Manning won't be on the field as the Giants starter for just the second time since November 21, 2004. With Manning headed for the bench, that means his NFL future is now up in the air. 

Although Manning hasn't been a great quarterback over the past few years, he has been an average quarterback, and let's be honest, average quarterbacks are a hot commodity in the NFL. Ryan Fitzpatrick has made a living off of being average. Basically, if the Giants don't want Manning as their starter, there's likely at least one NFL team out there that would love to have him, which could potentially lead to a trade. 

Now, before we get to the list of teams that might be interested in trading for Manning, there's one key part to remember when it comes to any potential deal for the Giants quarterback: Manning has a no-trade clause in his contract, which means he has to sign-off on any deal. 

This means the Giants will have an extremely limited pool of potential trade partners (If there's any at all). On the flip side, if Manning is willing to waive his no-trade clause, it shouldn't be hard to deal him and that's because he's got a very tradeable contract. Not only is Manning currently in the final year of his deal, but he's also only scheduled to make $11.5 million in base salary in 2019, and since he's already played two games, that means any team that trades for him would only owe him roughly $10.14 million for the rest of the season, not a bad price to pay for a starting quarterback. 

So who should consider making a call for Manning?

Let's take a look at the list. 

5. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are in need of some Cam Newton insurance and they're in need of it right now. Not only has Newton been battling multiple injuries dating back to last season, but he's also dealing with a new injury (foot) that kept him out of practice on Tuesday.