The issue is a clear as the piece of protection that protects his eyes. Henrik Sedin saw what a deflected puck did to the left eye of teammate Manny Malhotra on March 16, 2011. It resulted in four procedures to reduce swelling and the pooling of blood. It has placed the face-off specialist on injury reserve for the remainder of this NHL season and put his career in doubt as a pending unrestricted free agent. What Henrik Sedin would like to see is the NHL Players’ Association mandate that visors become mandatory through a grandfather clause initiative, meaning all new players must wear them. That could encourage veterans to think twice about not opting for eye protection. Marc Staal was struck above the right eye Tuesday by a deflected puck and on Wednesday the New York Rangers were awaiting word on extent of the damage. The incident has raised the visor debate again and the Canucks captain believes it’s a no-brainer that the NHLPA should take action. “They have to,” he said. “If guys aren’t doing it, somebody has to make the choice for them. Guys are wearing shot-blockers for their skates. I feel bad for what happened to Staal and Manny.” The common argument among veterans is that visors can fog up or impede their ability to play and a comfort level. They should talk to Malhotra. Pucks move quicker today through stick technology.