Regarding the Rangers, who might have added interest in Monday’s game at the Garden representing low-profile (no-profile) assistant Lindy Ruff in his first crack at the Stars team he coached the previous four seasons: 1. Henrik Lundqvist transforming his game on the fly at age 35 into a stylistic hybrid of Martin Brodeur and Mike Richter is tantamount to Chris Evert becoming a serve-and-volley tennis player after 13 years on the tour. Yet that is just what the King has done these last six weeks in leaving his patented deep, patient, thinking-man’s technique behind to become a more aggressive, attacking, athletic and acrobatic goaltender. “You have to adapt,” Lundqvist told The Post after Saturday’s 5-2 victory over the Devils in which he was routinely outstanding. “There are so many more one-on-one plays — so many more — that I needed to change. You look at all the goalies who stayed around for a long time, and they adapted. “There are still times when I find myself thinking a little too much and maybe get caught in between, but I think it’s going well. It’s fun for me.” 2. Lundqvist is on his best roll since he carried the Rangers to a 14-2-2 getaway in 2015-16. He has been sharper around the net and, dare say, even a bit better handling the puck the last couple of weeks. The netminder, who is expected to get his 16th start in the last 17 games and 26th overall in this one against the Stars, is 11-3 with a .928 save percentage. and 2.34 goals-against average since the beginning of November following a 3-4-2/.898/3.21 line in October.