Ales Hemsky is still the artist-in-residence. While Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish painted a picture months ago that 30-year-old winger and the captain Shawn Horcoff might be best served with a new place to work because they were perhaps beaten down by all the losing Hemsky is still here. Horcoff was dealt to Dallas Stars for defenceman Philip Larsen freeing the Oilers of his $5.5-million cap hit. MacTavish either couldn’t or wouldn’t move the skilled Hemsky over the summer so he will be back on right-wing. He might be on the third line making $5 million with Jordan Eberle for sure and Nail Yakupov quite possibly ahead of him on the depth chart. “It’s important to me that when you walk through the door you have a fresh canvas” MacTavish said Wednesday. “Ales will have that opportunity.” So the artist who has had brush strokes of greatness with his end-to-end rushes up the right side is still in the house. MacTavish said he had conversations with his NHL lodge brothers about trading Hemsky but didn’t like what he was hearing. The general consensus on Hemsky is he’s hurt a lot in large part because he goes into areas where you can get wallpapered. His salary is probably an albatross for teams trying to get him too. So the Oilers have chosen to dance with somebody they know. “At the end of last season Ales and I sat down and I advised him that it might be in both our interests to move in separate directions” MacTavish said. “It wasn’t a negative reaction to how Ales was playing. I had a similar conversation with Shawn Horcoff. Players who’ve gone through the seven years of losing here it’s emotionally tough to overcome that. In this game you need energy to play well ... the losing and the frustration of losing can sap the energy level.”