For those of you scoring at home, interim coach John Fox said in January that the Bears are closer to competing than we think, but last month after the draft, Fox said the Bears are rebuilding. Somewhere in there, amazingly, Fox is telling the truth, and of course, somewhere in there, as usual, Fox is lying. You can’t believe much of what Fox says, if anything, but it looks like a rebuild, and it looks like it’s three years late. It also looks like the right idea done wrong, which seems to be the house special at Halas Hall. Yeah, the quarterback room needed to be changed, but that was three drafts ago when Ryan Pace was hired and said he wanted to bring in a quarterback every year but then didn’t for the first two years. Pace had a honeymoon period that would’ve been a perfect time to dump Jay Cutler, no matter the cost, and that move was so obvious because there were more coaching career casualties than Super Bowls associated with Cutler.