Zack Cozart's early-season struggles are not unlike those of his team as a whole. As Cozart's offensive woes continued to mount, they only got harder to escape. The shortstop didn't have a hit in his first 23 plate appearances of the season. After getting a hit, he followed that with two more hitless games. As each at-bat passed, Cozart tried harder, concentrated more, and grew more frustrated. On Friday night, Cozart finally threw up his hands after hitting a hard line drive off of Rays starter David Price, only to have it snared by second baseman Ben Zobrist. "That was my first swing of the year that I felt really, really good," Cozart said. "I hit that ball off Price and (Zobrist) caught it, and I thought, 'You've got to be kidding me.'" While his strikeout rate has been around his career average, when Cozart's put the ball in play, more often than not, it's found a glove. Heading into Sunday's series finale against the Rays, he had just an .080 batting average on balls in play – that's well off the norm of somewhere around .300 for all big-league hitters, or even his career .280 mark.